mercredi 26 janvier 2011

For sale by owner, ford 1930 Coupe

Body from 1930 original, original paint, top chop 3''.

Model A frame, Kickup 3 inches and boxed,

Front axle from magum 5'' with ford 1946 backing plates and buick original drums

Rear axle from 1946 with Quickchange winters

French Flathead marmon 0.30 full ported et gasket matched, isky valves springs, cam by isky max 1

Intake manifold Tatterfield with 4 holley 94

Chevy distrib with pertonix 2 module

Lightweight flywheel with Ram clutch mecanism marmon (LONG)

Shifter & mecanism HURST.

gear box is Muncie M21 big block

Wheels are 16 steelies with firestone
front headlights BLC original

rear tail lights chevy 48 original

Swiss title

Asking 32500 euros OBO for more info

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matt machine a dit…

nice car...good luck with the sale